PORTFOLIO / copy / short / Intelligent Enterprise

Intelligent Enterprise, a publication focused on how data can make companies smarter, faster, and more profitable, required copy for an ad featuring attendees at a wedding having their picture taken. Three members of this group were assigned thought bubbles and it was my job to supply four bullets of idiosyncratic information for each. The premise being that if a company were in possession of such information—and knew how to use it—it would have a great advantage in anticipating a customer’s future needs.

Bubble # 1:
( Well-heeled, older, dapper but driven businessman)
• Owns own software company
• Tried trading stocks with his cellular—didn’t like it.
• Pacemaker will need replacing in 6.2 years
• Prefers Whiskey over Scotch

Bubble # 2:
(Two bridesmaids anywhere from 7 to 10 years of age)
• Listen to ‘NSYNC and The Backstreet Boys’ Online
• Get an allowance and spend it
• Totally spend 4 hours a week at the mall!!
• Will choose their first car at 16

Bubble # 3:
(Smiling, middle-aged woman, wearing a pink jacket, pearls and a sedate hat)
Dyes her hair every six weeks
Has $200,000 in mutual funds her husband knows nothing about
The pearls are real
Market fluctuations make her nervous

Body Copy:

We focus on the details
What do you do with the information you collect on your customers and your potential customers? Well, you put it to work. Intelligent Enterprise magazine shows you how. We focus on the technology details that allow you to analyze, interpret, and use information—information that makes you and your business smarter, faster, and more profitable.

A complete and final version of this ad is available on the Creative section of the portfolio page.