PORTFOLIO / copy / short / Pool New York

Assignment: Write bio for Mark Voss, Owner, Pool New York, Gallery and Retail Space.

Californian Mark Voss moved to New York in 1996. He works and has experience in many fields, including graphic design, visual display, space planning, and branding projects. He has dabbled in travel writing, and even briefly worked as a cool hunter.

Early one morning in the spring of 2002, Voss left his apartment to walk his dog Carol Ann, and noticed a commercial space had somewhat mysteriously opened in his very building. Having always pined for a shop, and anxious to move his workspace out of the apartment, he took this as a sign. Within a week a lease was brokered and POOL was born.

Voss has always loved the patina of used things. So, not unlike the sampling happening in music these days, Voss borrows or references items and materials from the past and recontextualizes them within the confines of the modern - making something new from the old or traditional.

Voss typically uses vintage and/or traditional materials in his designs. Whether it's a vintage military blanket exhaustively hand stitched with his distinctive patterns, or a classic preppy shirt with machine stitched inflections, Voss’s designs have a strong graphic presence that breathes new life into old things and links the past with the present.