PORTFOLIO / copy / short / Hype Film Festival

Assignment: Write bio for Leigh Godfrey, Co-Founder, HypeFest Film Festival, Los Angeles.

Special Instruction: “Make it dry, like a Martini.”

Leigh's love of film and all things Hollywood led her to Los Angeles after a long sojourn in San Francisco where she worked for eight years in Hi-Tech & Entertainment Media, and had a ringside seat for the nineties version of The Day of the Locust, otherwise known as the dot-com revolution. An avid filmgoer, Leigh writes about and discusses movies on a regular basis, and encourages others to do the same. For Leigh, HypeFest is an opportunity to do this on a larger scale—to bring films and stories she sees as worthy of watching and thinking about to an audience who might otherwise miss them. And regret it.

Her past film festival experience includes a position on the programming committee and public relations team of the Silver Lake Film Festival, Filmmaker Relations for the NoDance Film and Multimedia Festival, as well as volunteering for the SF International Film Festival. Currently, Leigh is News Editor and Content Manager for Animation World Network, an online magazine and website for animation and visual effects professionals.