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Communications Convergence Magazine
Media Kit /Market Overview (2002)

Assignment: An overview of the Telecommunications Market.

Convergence Is Exploding
• XML-Driven Voice Application Platforms
• High-Speed Wireless Internet Connectivity
• Local-To-Global Voice/Data Convergence
• Multimedia Contact Centers
• SIP, MGCP Compatible Softswitches and Gateways
• Content-Sensitive Billing Platforms

As converged applications score more and more conspicuous wins, technically advanced customers are eager to know what products and services to buy, and how to implement and manage them. Whether from the voice or data side, they seek information to fill in the gaps that convergence itself has created.

How to extend their business onto the wireless web?

How to tie together first-line contact centers with online resources?

How to empower mobile workers with the same range of technical capabilities they enjoy in an office setting?

From The Carrier Space To The Contact Center, The Fortune 100 To The Small Desktop

Two years ago, technology paradigms were still proving themselves. But today it’s a different story. Growth rates for VoIP have overtaken projections. Windows XP touts itself as the OS of the future because of its multimedia convergence capabilities, including SIP, APIs and libraries. Major customer contact centers look to products like Xchange to link together disparate multimedia contact center resources. Cisco is building a 35,000-node network for a single global enterprise so convergence can be used to gain competitive advantage. And phone systems are integrated with signaling and media cards to allow companies to do away with expensive T1 lines and at the same time leverage legacy infrastructure and therefore save money.

Communications Convergence plays a pivotal role. Out content informs those we call Agents Of Change: The Strategic Managers who understand the structures of their individual businesses and industries, and are committed to the idea that communications technology serves the bottom line and provides pivotal means for achieving competitive advantage.

They need to see the best products and services from trustworthy vendors, compared and analyzed in depth, to guide complex buying research on a number of simultaneous fronts.